Polícia ataca acampamento em Standing Rock incendiando tipis

O acampamento Last Child em Standing Rock foi destruído por forças policiais. O sioux Chase IronEyes foi feito prisioneiro pela polícia.

Afirmando que a área em que o acampamento foi erguido é privada, policiais atacaram e destruíram o acampamento a fim de fazer cumprir a força a ordem executiva do presidente Donald Trump para que avance a construção do oleoduto da Dakota Access Pipeline.

As forças policiais de invasão também bloquearam as estradas de acesso ao acampamento principal Oceti Sakowin. Os demais acampamentos seguem de pé em Standing Rock!

(Trecho de informativo em Inglês)

Following our earlier report from Standing Rock on the police raid of the Last Child camp, reports began to roll in that police had taken down tipis and burned whatever remained.

Some of the livestreaming of these incidences was blocked, but what we have been given is as follows.

Please watch and help us get the word out.

Johnny Danger live streamed from the site of this injustice…

Shiyé Bidzííl once again live streamed and related the following message…

Chase IronEyes has been arrested!!!! And the police have been taking down tipis on new camp!! Because its on private land.

That’s right, the police are trespassing to enforce Donald Trump’s illegal executive order allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline to move forward.

Following that livestream, Shiye reported that police were blocking roads and access to the main Oceti Sakowin camp, saying: “B.I.A. Has blocked road access to main camp by cannonball pit stop.”

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Article by Screaming Wolf; original image composite created from movie Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee; used for illustrative purposes to draw the analogy to the ethnic cleansing still happening today. Image was removed after far too many people failed to read this note that it was a stock image.

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