Indígenas e Manifestantes encaram tanques, tropas de choque e helicópteros contra o oleoduto em Standin Rock (EUA)

Uma vez mais os sioux e centenas de apoiadores enfrentaram o aparato de guerra montado para garantir a construção de um megaoleoduto em suas terras sagradas.
Policiais armados, tanques e helicópteros atacaram as multidão na Reserva Sioux de Standin Rock, na Dakota do Norte. Os protetores da água revidaram o ataque dos aparatos de repressão com pedras e fogo dando início a uma verdadeira batalha campal.


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The massive police action went down in an effort to remove protestors from private property — protestors who prefer to be called “protectors” and who didn’t plan on going anywhere — at least not willingly.Activists lit tires on fire, while police used ear piercing sonic devices and shot horses, in what will surely go down as one of the most heated standoffs in the ongoing war over pipeline projects in America.Several arrests have been reported from the ground, as authorities used busses to transport activists while scanning the air with airplanes and helicopters. around DAPL has grown tremendously over the past month after award-winning journalist and anchor of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman dropped a media bombshell with a video report showing a squad of paid, non-licensed security goons siccing attack dogs and macing Native American activists with pepper spray — this, after the pipeline company, Energy Transfer Partners LP, had intentionally bulldozed over known sacred burial sites of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on an otherwise peaceful Labor Day weekend. Five days later Goodman was charged with criminal trespass for her reporting, which brought yet another wave of media attention to the issue.

Armed police working to clear pipeline protest camp

These are live pictures from Cannonball, ND where Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are facing off with law enforcement officers who are trying to force them off private property. The video may be interrupted and contains NSFW language.

Posted by NBC4 on Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

You may recap law enforcement agencies and the National Guard moving in on Native American protectors attempting to thwart DAPL in the video players below just below.

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